About Us

Gilboa Quarry Inc.

The Midwest Premier Dive Site!

Gilboa Quarry is the best inland place to scuba dive in the Midwest! It is a 14+ acre limestone quarry, located in Northwest Ohio. There are wooded campgrounds encompassing over half the quarry’s perimeter. ┬áIt truly is a great location for diving and dive training. The quarry provides two distinct personalities: the shallow side at 5 – 65 ft provides great recreational enjoyment, while the deep side, with depths of 130 plus feet, is suitable for technical training.

There are a multitude of items of interest for all divers; whether it is our large training platforms, 15 – 130 plus ft depths, or our many sunken treasures such as the Grumman airplane and Sikorsky helicopter, there is certain to be something of interest for everyone.

Our aquatic life is second to none. Snorkeling for Paddlefish and on site camping or lodging for divers and their guests will round out your stay at Gilboa Quarry.

We provide a variety of amenities to meet your specific diving needs. Docks, benches, and underwater platforms for your convenience, be it open water certification dives, enjoying the underwater sites, or to keep your skills honed for your personal diving goals.

Breathing Gas is available on site up to 20,00cf of hyper-clean air is banked to provide for those peak periods when we all want to get wet. Be sure to check your visual and hydro dates on your cylinders prior to coming out to the quarry.Partial pressure nitrox blending is available for tanks that are O2 clean.

Whether it’s a day trip or an entire weekend getaway, Gilboa Quarry offers some great amenities not found at other recreational diving attractions. We offer plenty of camping space. Camping areas are conveniently accessible by gravel road allowing for easy drive up access to the quarries main sites.

Don’t care to camp out? we have cottages and rooms available on site. Showers and heated dressing rooms are also available. This is one of the many reasons why Gilboa Quarry is The Midwest’s Premier Dive Site.


Gilboa Quarry is a dive instructor’s paradise. On the shallow side of the quarry suspended just 20 ft from the surface and 10 ft from the bottom are 90 ft of instructor’s platforms. These platforms consist of 6 individual 10′ x 20′ suspended staging areas ideal for taking students safely through there open water checkout. Since several classes can be given at one time, there is no waiting. This, along with the great visibility, offers the student and instructor the perfect environment to perform everything from mask clearing to buddy breathing.

Current Temps & Visibility Coming Soon!